Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mademoiselle Marie, the Battle Doll.

She even had a doll a few years ago from the makers of GI JOE.
Mademoiselle Marie (abbreviated as Mlle. Marie) was a young Parisian woman, the daughter of a scientist, who joined the French Resistance during World War II. Throughout the course of the war, she performed many heroic deeds on behalf of Europe and frequently teamed up with the American military commander Sgt. Rock, with whom she shared a romantic relationship. She also occasionally teamed up with Jeb Stuart and his Haunted Tank, and on one mission Stuart helped Marie's father escape to the Allied lines.

However, it has recently been revealed that Mlle. Marie is, in actuality, a code name given to various French women over the centuries, dating back to at least the French Revolution, and there were at least four Maries over the course of World War II. The name is passed on as a legacy from woman to woman, all willing to fight and kill the enemies of France, giving up their lives in doing so, if necessary.

After World War II, Mlle. Marie became a title awarded to the top female operative in the French intelligence agency, the DGSE. The current holder of the name, Josephine Tautin, is the Black Queen's Knight in the Checkmate organization. She was handed the Mlle. Marie mantle in 1998 by Sabine Roth, who had held the name since 1944, after Nazis executed Anais Guillot.



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Now THERE'S a character overdue for a resurgence!