Saturday, October 1, 2016

Luke Cage - Episode 2

I am getting a serious SHAFT vibe from this production. I also enjoy the slow build of rage that no doubt will be turned upon the gangsters of Hell's Kitchen. I like that the bad guy has no real 'super powers' but will do his own wetwork. I still haven't figured out how he will neutralize Luke because if he can't do that he can't win this fight. A man that can't be hurt is a man that can't be stopped. With such a power imbalanced the show will stop being interesting if the cleanup of Harlem is an easy task for Cage. Luke has to be brought down a peg.
I know we lost a good character this episode but Luke needs even more bad times to overcome before he become the real hero of the streets. That is mythmaking 101. I admire how this show stays very close to the comic incarnations of Luke Cage that we have enjoyed over the years and that has much to do with the charisma of the lead character. I so wish they could find an excuse to put him into his classic yellow shirt and chain belt but that will never happen unless there is a Halloween themed episode coming up.



jester59388 said...

I've been reading some criticism of the characterization in that this isn't the Luke Cage of the 70's who was brash and not afraid to get paid for his services. I actually think this modern take makes more sense. Luke is an escaped convict! Of course he would lay low and try not to draw attention to himself! At least until he was given no choice, that is.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Exactly. They have made no mistakes yet with this one. I am really enjoying it. Like Daredevil it makes sense in it's own world. Harlem and not Hell's Kitchen.