Friday, October 7, 2016

Luke Cage - Episode 5

 I am 33 years old, and about as White Anglo-Saxon Protestant as it gets. In rather sharp contrast, this series was about as Black as it gets. I actually spent the first 6 episodes waiting for white characters to have cameo appearances. I am used to the media portraying white people as the central characters.
Actually, I am so used to it that I was kinda put off by it not being the case with this show and then it hit me: a bulletproof black guy in a hoodie.
A Bulletproof Black Guy in a Hoodie. Think about it.


I have to also admit that I love the soundtrack. It exposed me to a whole genre of music that I don't hear anymore because I choose not to chase down music any longer. But I find myself not fast forwarding through the musical numbers on this show.
 I really liked seeing Rosario Dawson becoming the Night Nurse, the medical care for super humans in NYC. She is your first stop when you can't go to the hospital because the police hate vigilantes.
Yes this was actually a comic book that only ran four issues but is memorable for being totally different from anything Marvel ever put out. The perfect unknown character for the nice little superhero universe that Netflix is creating. Doesn't matter if she is black or white because a good nurse has no color.

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