Monday, October 10, 2016

TV Times


When someone in a TV show says the line, "You are important in ways that you can't possibly imagine." I want to run for the hills. It's the worst kind of hacky writing but then again this is a time travel program so I owe it a few watches at least. I love a good time travel story. Last week they re-exploded the Hindenburg and this week they go to make sure that Lincoln gets assassinated. Again with a black man on the team. I hope they find a way to work around the fact that there is no place in American History that is 'awesome' for him. I like how that problem is not overlooked in this show.

Lucy just realized that her sister was never born after she came back from her first mission so the timeline she knows is definitely messed up. It's a good plot thread that I hope they resolve in some creative way. I could watch this one weekly if they continue to make it interesting. I like that they started to question their mission and that maybe 'preserving' history is not the way to go if they can use their knowledge to make things better - always a delicate thing when dealing with time travel.

 Plus why has no one found their ship. They seem to always land in an abandoned field so no one sees their time machine. How do they miss the major population centers but land JUST outside the city so they don't have to walk far.
I hate that the bad guy is so cryptic about what he knows when it would be more interesting if he just TOLD Lucy everything she needs to know. But then we don't have us a program do we?

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