Friday, October 7, 2016

Westworld Episode Two

I love how this one just 'fell off the truck' and posted Friday, two days ahead of it's Sunday airing. Of course that means I am going to have to watch it today and wait 10 days for Episode 3. This show is so good and so thoughtful that I need to see where it is going. Ed Harris is very good and very scary at the 'Man in Black'. I have the feeling he is a sentient A.I. who is off the leash and is looking to find and kill his maker for all the pain he put him through in his life.

Now I just read that HBO released this episode two days early to give back to the viewers who went crazy for Episode 1.


I am really excited to see where this one goes. I hope they just don't do a repeat on Sunday but make episodes 2 AND 3 available for Sunday night. That would be very cool. I can't wait. This show is perfect for binging not waiting. I HAVE to know what happens next.

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