Sunday, October 16, 2016

What Scares You The Most?? The Pop Culture League Answers

As a kid I would cry my eyes out waiting for this stupid clown to jump out of the box after all that horrible 'tink tink' music. I used to have nightmares of finding a huge Jack-in-the-Box in my front yard that plays that music and when the top opens the clown reaches out and pulls me back into the box.
The realistic looking baby dolls freak the hell out of me. Anything that real looking that doesn't move or breath is a horror.

And of course nothing scares me more than the cephalopod abominations. They are so alien to other creatures on this planet that they must have come from space. I hate everything about them especially all their abilities that will be used against us if they ever discover a way to escape the oceans.
If you have a blog and want to get your thoughts noticed by others you can sign up HERE. Every week the Pop Culture League tackles another topic of interest. This week they chose my idea to run with. I am interested in what other people are afraid of.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Moths. And on a related note, anything that flutters around my head like butterflies or small birds.