Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12 Reasons Why Kids In The 60s and 70s Shouldn't Be Alive Today

Lawn darts should have killed us all. But we were truly bred to be superior stock with outdoor survival skills like no other. We soaked that shit in so that when some gashed their bare foot open on a piece of broken glass you know how to rap your extra shirt around it and act all heroic. I believe a THANK YOU is still in order, Denise. You could have bled out.
No helmets but seat belts were always a must. Even in our little red VW Bug though if we got hit the seat belts were just holding in the meat. We would be toast.
But we were all vaccinated and caught and fought the same germs. Damn those schools are like a germ factory. It's a battle you can't win everyday. Eventually they getcha. I hated to miss school because I was sick. I would have to be deliriously ill to avoid that.


DrGoat said...

Our not being coddled is what made us resilient and hard to kill.
So glad I'm not growing up now. School playgrounds were iron bars and hard dirt. Lots of scrapes and bruises. BB guns and cap guns.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No cell phones so no one could find us. Plus staying in the house was a punishment not a reward. But I am heppy for bad weather that kept me indoor in the winter so I could read read and read some more.