Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Major Thomas Wellington Files

I love to pet this cat when he comes to me. He loves the love. But I have to keep my hand on him the whole time lest he pee on my bed. He's done it before so he's an habitual offender. I don't mind but today I brought him up prepared to give him the love and scritches and hip exercises and feet cleaning and all the spa treatment this animal receives at Calvin's Cave Of Pet Glamour and he gets set to pee on my blankets. MINE?? He's even on the pad in case I turn my back an...d he tries to slip one by me. But today it was like I brought him up. Went to put on my head phones. Turned around and he was ready to go. Pulled him off in time. Chewed his ass out and now he just sits and the door ignoring what I said. He knows he did me dirty. And all this after he got up on the couch I sit in in the living room and peed on it. How he got up I never know. I have never seen this cat climb anything. But he peed on the pad. No damage to furniture. He's usually so good too....I mean given that he is a retard. But as you know RETARDED kitties need the MOST love.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wishing you, your Mom and Wellington a great Christmas today!