Friday, December 23, 2016

You Will All Miss Him When He Is Gone

In so many ways, Obama was better than we imagined, better than the body politic deserved, and far, far better than his enemies will ever concede, but the great thing about being great is that the verdict of enemies doesn’t matter.

Obama has a few other edges in the long haul of history, beyond specific hurrah moments like Obamacare, rescuing the economy, and making America way more bi-curious. Being the first black president of course secures a certain legacy. But what now feels distinctly possible is that, just as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed, over time he may be judged less for the color of his skin than for the content of his character. That character came across every time haters or Trumpers or birthers tried to pull him down into the mud or question his American-ness. He just flew above it all. And, luckily, he took most of us with him. He was the Leader not only of our country but of our mood and disposition, which is harder to rule. At a time when we became more polarized, our discourse pettier and more poisoned, Obama always came across as the Adult in the Room, the one we wanted to be and follow.



DrGoat said...

Hear, hear. I plan on giving the new president just as much respect as he got from republicans for the past 8 years. In this case it will be a much deserved lack of respect.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He won't last 18 months. He will self destruct and get his ass impeached. Remember I said it first. He is already working my last nerve but I can wait for his fall.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"The Adult in the Room" -- so true.