Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Brother Mike Gifts Me Proper

Mike is a Mormon. He usually annoys me to the point of near stroke but this election cycle he was more anti-Trump than I was and that was weird. I felt strange being on the same side of an issue as Mike as he generally has all the worst beliefs that punish the poor, the handicapped, the minorities and the immigrants. He's an equal opportunity hater. But he is also a good guy who remembers me every Christmas. This year he gave me this. My two favorite GI JOE characters. Both with egos so large that they spoil all their own grand schemes with their hubris. I love them for that. Serpentor with his Sky Chariot is a Holy Grail item for me. And to have a Cobra Commander is extra special. I love the protective packaging with all the original parts. That is treasure to me in a way that Mike understands. His generosity reminds me that even political and social opposites can find common ground and forge a friendship. I hate him so much for that. Thanks Brother.


After I saw this toy commercial I looked at the cover they showed at's the SERPENTOR STORY from GI JOE's comic book. Damn, Mike. This is a great gift.

Along with two chocolate bars that I devored, Mike Tannehill also sent me the GI JOE comics that CONTAIN the origin of SERPENTOR. I am just jazzed. What a great and thoughtful gift for the collector who thought he had everything.

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