Friday, May 12, 2017


This week's good stuff is especially great. Not only are my links included as they should be because they are genius but the girl of the week is my beloved Stevie Nicks. Her music got me through High School, College and University. She is my dream girl. So check out the page. All the good stuff we like and more. I love variety in a blog and this one keeps me occupied with interesting articles and pictures throughout the week when I need a good read. And I am not just saying that because my links are included. I just know cool when I see it and GOODSTUFFF'S is Cave of Cool certified cool.

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this week I am thinking about venus on the half shell and Russian stuff

The wife unit got a bit lazy (hot season) and ate at the roadside buffet late yesterday afternoon. She now has a real bad case of food poisoning. She has seen the local quack and will OK in a couple of days. I was drinking some beer with my food. So all I got was a bad case of the farts. LOL

BTW - Thanks for the linky stuff


A young Stevie Nicks (the bohemian chick) graces this behemothic meta blog post! Moreover... "This groovy post is also rockin plenty of far out planetary science and heaps of nifty vintage stuff" - FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover