Thursday, May 4, 2017

There Is Always Room For A Good Zorro Clip From A Good Zorro Movie

This is from the sequel to the fantastic first film starring Antonio Banderas. It didn't get much critical love at the time but after having just watched it I found it to be the near equal of the first one. It has a good villain in and a fun story that could have used with some more original comic moments. But the fight choreography is stellar as are all the leads who look like they are having a lot of fun. I even liked the Son of Zorro played by . For a child actor he can hold his own with everyone around him. His expressions are those of a kid thinking he isn't a kid but is really an adult like everyone around him. He demands that kind of respect. Catherine Zeta Jones is luminous as always. I am glad I avoided seeing this one again for so long. It reminded me of all the reasons I love the Zorro character. Good times in Old California.

However if you have never seen a Zorro movie with Banderas then you have to start with the brilliant original. In my top ten films of all time and a terrific adventure with a very underappreciated actor star in the lead role.

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