Monday, September 18, 2017

I Don't Think I Hate This

I don't read superhero comic books to see the ordinary. I want to see the extraordinary. I want big ideas and big battles and high stakes and a strong bosom or two. But that's just how I roll.

Actually, having just looked at them they are not that extreme and are all still attractive, especially the women. I like some nice thighs on a woman and these changes are so subtle that I notice little difference between the covers.

Almost all of us have gone through a phase where we believed that “Superheroes” are real, at least for once. But then as we grew up and we gathered that it’s a fictional world, and none of it is real-life. Nonetheless, our naive minds had already been got impacted by the lives of our brave heroes and heroines till the time we have hit our adulthood. Somehow those fictional heroes become subliminally our idols; we know they are unrealistic, but their thoughts, looks, and sense of right and wrong stay with us. We may not realize this, but things from the past influence our adult decisions profoundly, and comic books are a big part of our early years for most of us. Comics can affect a person’s social, political or even economic viewpoint, but let’s just focus on the “Looks” piece of the comic books. All the comic book characters are an epitome of human fitness and beauty, they all pack a well-chiselled body and Greek god like attractive facial features, and that’s not an issue, the problem is every god damn character rocks six pack abs, as they are so common in this world. We hardly see any average body type mainstream superheroes. Why? There are no real answers. Here are some interesting comparative famous comic book covers that depict superheroes in a more American-dad-ish body type.



nolan said...

Interesting... I actually had to do a double take in most cases to spot the difference. Anatomy in comics is idealised (as it should be). Comic book characters need to put the "super" in superhero so they have to look the part.

Would love to see the "average" of that infamous Manara Spider-Woman cover!

On a related note, check out the Hawkeye Initaitive (if you haven't already) for some lulz...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thanks for the tip.