Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Think It's Suppose To Be Something Other Than I Looks Like

It's hilarious that from the first design meeting to the final artwork approval to sending this out to diners NO ONE stopped it because the mascot basically looks like a piece of poop with a hat on. I know it's suppose to be a breakfast sausage but it looks like a piece of poop. Why not make it an egg with a hat. Most of your customers are the same shape as an egg so it's a win/win. Eggs are popular with everyone. Everyone likes eggs for breakfast. Hell, I love eggs for supper. But really people. You put a hat on a piece of poop and tried to sell it to me.

What does SNAP THE SLAMS mean anyways?
Is that the way the kids speak on the streets these days?
Is that how food delivering poop speaks these days?
Denny's now delivers?