Saturday, September 23, 2017

Logan Post Credit Scene

Why did no one ever come and harvest Logan's adamantium? That makes no sense. Ivan Drago is a funny bit but to even mention Liefeld in the trailer makes me sick. Sick to my stomach. Please do not try to rewrite history, Ryan. Just ride the wave and don't make me slap you back to your senses Mr. Hollywood big shot. Trust me. You don't want to know the TRUTH about your buddy Rob. One word and it rhymes with HACK. (It also is HACK btw.) See, I told you it would hurt. Please give credit to all those brilliant creators who took this character, this Spider-Man with swords and MADE him into a good character. Rob Liefeld had NOTHING to do with Deadpool being cool. He even drew Deadpool badly. Deadpool was only one of dozens of bad character that Liefeld thought up. Deadpool managed to climb to the top of that shit pile but it could have been any other forgettable character that sprung from the talentless mind of Rob Liefeld. Why are we not living in a world where his characters dominate movies and TV if this genius that invented Deadpool is still around? He must have many other popular characters, right?  I can tell you the answer but, again, you will not like it. It's because everything else that Liefeld created are crappy characters doing uninteresting things in crappy stories that are an insult to call comic books.


Had to be said.

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