Sunday, September 17, 2017

Robbed Again Of My Due Recognition From The Television Community

My genius is only recognized by OTHER geniuses.
But there is no award for a white man that WATCHES and knows TV like few human beings alive. The fact that I am ignored during the Golden Age of Television is particularly low class and reeks of the way people voted in high school. It's all a popularity contest. Many of the other award winners were brilliant decisions so I am sure that the madness that occurred when my category came up passed once some really important voting had to be done. Many of you will accurately bring up that I was not nominated nor will I win because I did nothing in TV this year but watch TV and bitch about TV.
So what. That should be rewarded. Do you know how great it is to get to the end of a season of a good show like The Strain or the Last Ship or SNL and realizing that you enjoyed the entire thing.
Then you see a show or three nominated that you didn't watch because they couldn't keep your attention for all of ten seconds. They are usually sit coms and are worthless. They are also big shows that have become relentless sad near the end of their runs. Big Bang. It's time to go. Do something big. But go. Get rid of all syndicated shows and don't come back for ten years.
Become a myth like Welcome Back Kotter or WKRP in Cincinnati and live up to the hype when you do return. But go away. Do other projects or have sex with piles of your money but go away. Kaley, develop an accent because I really can never hear your voice ever again with developing a rage disorder.
Big Brother is still the best show of the summer. Paul played such a masterful game that if he doesn't win the half million and the title (he was top two and finished second last year without a showmance to cover his ass) I will never watch that show again and I have never missed it in all these 15 seasons This year Paul played all sides in the house, won challenges and temptations and vetoes and spun his wordsong and earned his victory by orchestrating most of the evictions that happened. Might be the best player to ever play the game. He also showed much class and emotion along the way. He's a real guy and I like a smart and essentially honest personality. I could watch him go around the world on the Amazing Race USA if they can find him the right partner.

It's a scandal. The is what it is. I should just stop watching and commenting but it would be selfish to deprive you of my insight.


DrGoat said...

Feel the same about Big Bang. It has run it's course. It's the same schtick for too many years.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I actually hate it now and all the people involved.