Saturday, April 28, 2018

Laserblast and Kin

The upcoming movie KIN reminds me of the very bad 70s movie Laserblast. See if you can spot the similarities and differences.

Laserblast was the movie that I was INSANE to see when I first read about it in Starlog Magazine. I would read the article about it all the time and think about the movie during school time. It never showed around us and there were no videos of the film out there until well into the Age of Video. It must have been five years before I actually got a copy and sat down at my Beta machine and started the film.

I was never more disappointed in all my life. No, really. Watching the trailer I think you can see why. I mean even in the 80s that crap wouln't pass muster. Maybe the last of the 'high class' Grindhouse films of the 70s.

Thanks to Tim over at Hero Press.


Barbecue17 said...

I have seen Laserblast. It was on MST3K and it definitely a pretty solid episode. Pretty strange movie, but that's not a surprise. I love the bizarrely comical sheriff's deputies in the movie, though.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

saw the KIN trailer at an Infinity War matinee today and i immediately thought of Laser Blast. i never saw Laser Blast in theaters but I did see it on tv back in the 80s. cheesy as it was it was pretty cool and even scary at the time especially as the dude started mutating more and more with continued use of the alien laser rifle.

Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the mention ;-) Laserblast was a new one on me (and I thought I had a pretty broad grasp of trashy movies) but the trailers do suggest some major plot similarities with KIN.

May have to track Laserblast down, although everything I've read suggests I will immediately regret it...