Sunday, April 29, 2018

This Is Some Bad JU JU

How the hell did Ashley FREAKIN Banfield get on my LIVE PD? Her voice could cut stained glass for windows.

Arrest her for SOMETHING, guys, like inducing a man to have a stroke. A little bit of weed fits so easily into a woman's handbag and the dogs are always in the studio with their handlers. Tom and Sticks just sat there and let her talk the WHOLE SHOW. They are POLICE OFFICERS. They could dig up some reason to have her interview other inmates from inside the prison then not let her come out due to missing paperwork. What? I am not comfortable with change. Don't judge me.
They just keep letting her banter on. Give a guy a week's warning or something will you? Sent out a newsletter. Something to inform a husky Northern brother who has too much salt in his diet. Do I look like a cat who is comfortable with CHANGE? I think I am repeating myself.

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