Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Slow Poke Rule

I wonder at what point can we all just talk about the movie while respecting peoples right to see things spoiler free. I know I would expect people to wait but that is me. I want to talk about it without be screamed at about spoilers. I did one about a certain big death and it stayed up for 3 minutes but I felt bad. I hate that feeling.

I call it the Slow Poke rule but we are in uncharted territory here so I need feedback.

I am not one to say anything because one day passed for one person feels like three days passed for me so it's like a week since I saw Infinity War in 'Calvin Days'.

I am dying here. I just want to talk about the movie even if it is only to the faceless void.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, ideally, if you want to give people a chance to see it spoiler free, you need to wait, what, a year until it's out of theatres and the DVD/streaming rentals have come out for people who couldn't go to the theatres. Or you could always be sure to put SPOILER ALERT in your post titles for that period and then discuss things. That way people have been warned.

I've given up trying to avoid spoilers though. It just can't be done. I accept that I will know most of the plot before ever seeing major movies in the theatre.

Chase March said...
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Chase March said...

I once spoiled the ending to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and was chastised for not putting "NO SPOILERS" at the top of my post. This was less than ten years ago. And that property is forty years old.

I respect that you are waiting to talk about this. I think you could write about it here. I often skip your movie posts until I have seen the film. People could do the same thing.

Just don't post the stuff on FB, Instagram, or Twitter. I got a Twitter Spoiler for Infinity War before I saw the film. And I saw it on a matinee on opening day. That's just rude!

Two weeks on social media is a good waiting period, IMHO.