Friday, June 1, 2018

If I Could Do It Again I Would Have Cultivate A Few Close Friends Instead Of None At All.

I could cut through a lot of the clutter if I had an associate to give me advice on some decisions I need to make. But where do you find someone verses in a variety of topics. Like currently, I am looking to sell some comics from my massive collection to someone who is in the business of buying collections or parts of them. I have a lot of great stuff that I will be holding onto but I could probably do really well bagging up complete story arcs of characters people enjoy or runs of particular character's issues. I have tons of variety that I no longer need to hold onto. Let someone else enjoy th stories and the books which are in VF if not better condition. I have most every important issue from the years 1980 to 2000. Comics are something I am an expert in and that is no hyperbole. I know most all there is to know about the medium and it's characters.

But I don't know how to sell comic books. Only buy them.

I need some insight in how to make the best deal for myself. Ah, I will figure it out. I can't believe how comfortable I am with this choice. Usually I don't even entertain the thought of clearing out the fluff but now I am, seriously. Time for more research. I hate doing the research as much as I am going to hate going through all those tubs and boxes. I organized it all into titles and characters about ten years ago so that will help delay my future dementia that will surely come from all that work.

Or else I can do nothing at all. Let's see what happens Sunday afternoon.

I jus pulled this beautiful book out of a random box. Not signed by Alex Ross but in the same gorgeous shape. I will be keeping examples like this in my collection. The FIRST book to go into my KEEP TUB.


Tim Knight said...

Are there no comic stores in your neck of the woods where you could, at least, get an idea of how to go about selling them - and of what prices you'll get?

Or find a shop on Facebook and approach them virtually. That might take several attempts, unless it's someone you're already friends with, as I expect they get people trying to flog collections to them all the time.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This is the event I am going to this weekend. They guy running it seems interesting in seeing what I had so we'll see what happens.

Tim Knight said...

Fantastic! Good luck!