Sunday, October 14, 2018

I Feel Like I Wander Like A Ghost Through This World Until Midterms

Because Dear Leader is the smartest boy in the room he thought he would ruminate on the Civil War by inventing shit that no one ever once said about the Civil War in all the books written about the period of history. Of course if he had ever read a BOOK he would know that. Hell, go on You Tube for an hour and someone will show you a great synopsis of the whole Civil War in under two hours. They even break it into 10 minute segments if you get bored. It's no sin to be dumb. But is a terrible sin to have no desire to learn anything about anything. Trump's lack of intellectual curiosity is maybe the thing that most disqualifies him for the job the Russians got for him.

Trump Gives Civil War Lesson at Ohio Rally: ‘Robert E. Lee Was a Great General’

President Donald Trump offered his own brand of a Civil War lesson during a rally in Ohio on Friday, calling Robert E. Lee a “great general” and Abraham Lincoln a man “with a phobia.”

“A general who was incredible, he drank a little bit too much, you know who I am talking about, right? So, Robert E. Lee was a great general and Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia. He couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee,” he continued on.

“He was going crazy,  I don’t know if you know this story but Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle and Abraham Lincoln came home and said, ‘I can’t beat Robert E. Lee.'”

He then said Lincoln had a lot a good-looking generals who went to Westpoint but didn’t know how to win.

Now he is fantasizing about young good looking civil war generals? That is all he got from the history class. I will bet you he watched something that he thought was the history channel but was really the gay channel doing a piece about good looking gay civil war generals. What an odd thing for a elderly man in the throws of dementia. I never thought he would go there so I would have lost the poll. Hell, NO ONE chose young good looking civil war generals as something he would bring up at a rally. WHAT IS THE POINT HERE? Aside from the young gay civil war general part. Is he running out of material? How does the Hillbilly just sit there an let him drone on and on?? I would be losing my mind two minutes into this drivel. I am so sorry he is you president and I hope for an act of GOD or a bad bucket of KFC to save you and us all from this madness.

Don't get me started on the shit McConnell has gotten away with while you were all watching the clown show. Many powerful people are doing so much evil under the cover of this useful idiot. And you just let it happen and now that you see the truth there is not a one of you in any position of power to tell this idiot that he IS an idiot and list all the reason why we all hate him so much - before he get' dragged away by the secret service of course. Wouldn't it have been epic if the retard kanye has let trump have it with both barrels. That would have been an epic game changer but that kanye (which is not even a real name. It sounds made up to me) had neither the courage or the intelligence or the imagination or an ounce of consideration for anyone other than himself to pull off such a historic verbal bitch slap to a man who needs one most of all. You could have become the Rosa Parks of this generation but you just had to fuck that up by being a retard.. So he gets an audience with Dear Leader and walked away as more of a joke than trump and that is hard to do. I have no doubt kanye will believe he changed the world and I hope the first black radio reporter he gives an interview too blasts him so hard that all his ancestors will feel it. He needs a serious bitch slap for wasting everyone's time with this crap.

But he gets an audience with Dear Leader and walked away as more of a joke than trump and that is hard to do. I have no doubt kanye will believe he changed the world and I hope the first black radio reporter he gives an interview too blasts him so hard that all his ancestors will feel it. He needs a series bitch slap. And to be ordered by a judge that he can never leave his house again. Once again his contributions have achieved NOTHING. For someone who calls himself an ARTIST only his buffoonery will be remembered. Can you tell me something of significance that kanye has produced in music or fashion or building bird houses that is memorable? I only remember the douchebag who took away young Taylor Swifts early Grammy wins because he couldn't be patient and wait until another human being had her moment. Then stick the mike up your ass for all I care. Talk your shit for hours but not in the middle of the girl's award. Another douchebag hall of fame move. You life is full of such inspirational moments. I wish you would find Jesus and wander into the desert for 40 days. I don't give it a week before they find your vulture mutilated carcass.

All you did today was enable this toddler again to make more mischief where it's neither needed or appreciated.

I guess this is the WINNING that were promised to us by Dear Leader. Now he can claim to has done major outreach to the black community because he met with their messiah in the Oval Office. Trump believes that taking his SECOND useless meeting with this Muppet that he has talked to all black people because to him, they are ALL kanye. And kanye can't understand that he is basically kissing the massah's ass so he could move from the fields to the big house.

Imagine if Germany had a slogan called "Make Germany Great Again" or a South African politician ranted "Make South Africa Great Again." There would be rightful outrage. "Make America Great Again" is a coded version of "no coloreds allowed" signs. Trump fashioned the phrase to his purposes as a dog whistle to the worst part of his base. But Kanye doesn't love or respect his identity enough to do his history. As Donna Brazile said on Twitter, Kanye "set us back 155 years."

When it comes to Kanye meeting with Trump to discuss "the blacks" -- Kanye, we don't need you. No one needs you. We need resources, not an imaginary hero. Remember, the rapper has become a multimillionaire by creating art from black culture, but his behavior signals he clearly does not respect the culture in his "Make America Great Again" hat and "slavery is a choice" rants. Most importantly, if you are a rich, privileged celebrity who isn't affected by the consequences of not voting, yours isn't the voice we need trying to speak truth to power.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

That Kanye black jockey statue cartoon is even better than the one I saw! Kanye West is so self-loathing that it is painful to watch.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He so much wants to be white and smart but with all his money he can't even make a step. It must be killing him and people enable moments like this that will only makes things worse....which is comedic for me to watch. He's just so stupid.