Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why GARGOYLES Was One Of The Greatest Cartoon Series Ever

Director Jordan Pele is interested in making a live action GARGOYLES movie which is one of the best ideas for a movie I have heard today. Pele has a lot of clout right now in Hollywood so I am hoping that this wish becomes a reality.

At a time when Disney was creating bright-colored cartoons that were more inspired by toy lines than anything else, they were also producing one of the most underrated cartoons ever made – Gargoyles. This series is rarely brought up in conversations about the best cartoons of the '90s, but it deserves to get some new viewers. In just three short seasons, it managed to tell a dense and rewarding story unlike anything attempted by children’s television up until that point.

If you were one of the few viewers who watched Gargoyles, then you witnessed children’s entertainment at its finest. And even if you’ve been a fan since the '90s, there are still some things you probably didn't know about the beloved program. Luckily, series creator Greg Weisman has been open about his love for the series, and answers fan questions whenever he gets the chance. So even though the show was underappreciated at its time, there’s still a wealth of interesting information out there. If you’ve never seen Gargoyles, hopefully these behind-the-scene facts and interesting pieces of information will inspire you to seek out the series.


Spyda-Man said...

It really was a great show!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And it still holds up today. Keith David as the voice of Goliath is my favorite voice actor.