Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Netflix Can Kiss My Ass And So Can Megyn Kelly

I don't know what offends me more. That fact that you are fucking with my downloads so I cannot enjoy Daredevil or the face that you thought I would not figure out a way to work around your corporate douchebaggery. I have been bootlegging my shows since BETA TAPES and I cry FAIR USE. I write about your show if it's good. I convince people to watch your show if it's good. You OWE me, bitch but instead you seek to fuck with my entertainment? Why would you do that to a fan of your program. Aren't you wealthy and influential enough, Netflix? You don't have to answer. You are dickheads and I am going to enjoy my 'copy' in the way the gods intended.

Why do entitled, pretty white girls have no ability to shut up about what they see as a racial injustice just because it happened to a white girl who should have known better. She didnt HAVE to go as Diana Ross. It's not her RIGHT. There are MANY MANY MANY other costumes to choose from. White indigence. That will turn a pretty girl into an ugly ugly racist girl pretty damn quick.

"Okay, now on the next take lets try not to have that smug look on your face and just do the apology the way we rehearsed it. Okay, sweetie."

Because we to to salvage us a career here because it's not the white man who is keeping your down it's the grey matter in your skull that is where your main problem originates. Why is it always the one that look like guards at some Aryan prison camp? I wish for ONCE that I would be surprised when some bitch comes out as NAZI. They always look the same. Why can't I get a cute Latino or slutty European into the mix??


DrGoat said...

I try to pay zero attention to Megyn Kelly or any other of that kind of crap anymore. I'll let you do my rant for that kind of irrelevant BS.
So what is the problem with Netflix? Trouble?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope she truly learned something.