Monday, October 15, 2018

First Man Can Wait

One of the only things that disappointed me about the story of the Moon Landing is that Neil Armstrong himself didn't say enough about his experience. There were no interviews or TV documentaries or even books that got past the notoriously private and humble nature of a man who may have been the greatest human being this planet ever produced. For once, we got it right. Now to cast Ryan Gosling who for me is the most boring, still, and silent actor there ever was. It's like I am watching a mute every time I see him in a movie. I kinda hate him. But for this movie he might just be perfect for the part.

I have my screener from Yuri just ready to go but after seeing this trailer I might hold off until I am in the mood for it. I am ready for The Right Stuff and this looks like it could be a watered down version of that. Though I do loves me some Cory Stoll as Buzz Aldrin. He's just one of those actors that I connect to in whatever role he does. So he will be a great Aldrin. You know they called him Buzz because he was afraid of bees? True story or so they say.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Neil Armstrong was an intensely introverted man. Plus on top of that, he was extremely emotionally repressed in the best traditions of toxic masculinity. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie and how Ryan Gosling manages to convey those very difficult personality traits to portray.

However, nothing in such a character study is going to make it an exciting movie like "The Right Stuff." Don't expect that or you'll be disappointed for sure.