Monday, July 6, 2020

Batman Beyond

One of the greatest superhero cartoon series of all time. If you loved the Animated Adventures of Batman, you will love this, the natural progression in the Batman Universe. It's done to perfection. The animation is slick, the characters have heart and courage and the bad guys are really bad. There is even a movie where one of their own is corrupted into the Joker. That animated feature has a great ending as does this series which is why I think any movie must include Amanda Waller. She's the Nick Fury of the DC Universe.

Why are they even wasting time with the newest Batman in production that will be the same old Batman movie we have see a million times. This gives us a ultra-cool Iron Man like Batsuit. All kinds of new Bat weapons and tech. New allies and enemies and maybe the best ending in any animated series. They were allowed to tell a complete story. The last of the great Saturday morning cartoons.

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