Friday, July 24, 2020

If You Have The Skills - Help A Brother Out

469 of the best animal captions you will ever want to see.

I want Instagram to remain the home for these because the format is perfect for it. But I can't make it happen from my desktop computer or my Ipad.

Nothing I hate more than having a roadblock put in front of my creativity because these sad little creations are all I really have to keep me from slipping off the razors edge....where I walk...perpetually.

I am about a month away from reaching 10,000,000 views at the Cave of Cool and I want to reach 500 captions on my Instagram page by then. They are both nice wrong numbers.

If you can help me with this I will help you hide a body, should you ever need the help with no questions asked.

NOW AT 497 Captions!

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