Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Rants From The Pandemic

Say in ten years we learn you were right. Face masks are bullshit. Great. You were a genius. But what if you are a dumbass and you do NOT know shit from shinola.

What if you watch a lot of Hospital dramas yet you still can't diagnose a single patient, even the pregnant ones. So could it be, that MAYBE, on the far edge of possibilities that YOU are wrong about face masks and all the medically trained scientists were right? What have you got to lose by wearing a mask for at most a year?

Well NOT your life, that's for sure. Why gamble your life when you don't even know the game you are playing?

Hillbilly dumbasses.

There is a reason why more patients statistically survive surgery more often if their surgical team all wear masks and special gloves. Hell if the team washes their hands before cutting into you, you have every reason to believe you will live.

Now certainly you can see the World map they show on TV. The animated one that shows all the places where Covid is OUT OF CONTROL are colored with little red dots. Canada has isolated pockets, exclusively in the larger population centers. America is almost completely red.

In fact you would think it was a competition to see who could not only infect the entire country first and then have the most overall deaths. I don't know any American President who could get tricked into that kind of an ego driven war crime.

And because he's YOUR GUY, you will just let his policies dictate who lives and who dies and how many die and how many get sick thus overwhelming fragile for profit medical facilities. Thus more die because they can't get the non Covid medical care that they need.

But just wait, there are more brilliant ideas going on here. Now we got to cram those scared kids back into underfunded schools with underpaid teachers who now have added 'risk my life daily' to their resumes.

We all know the truth. They have to get the kids back into school because there is money to be made in PRIVATE education, something Betsy Devos is heavily invested in. You all were be paying for rich kids to go to schools that protect them while your kids are tossed back into the petri dish. We all see that. But her corruption continues and all her boats still float.

Sure hope that virus doesn't mutate into something that kills teenagers too. That would bring down class sizes in a hurry so if your kids survive that wave they will have more one on one time with their teachers....providing they are all still alive by then of course.

What is the RUSH?

Stop making bad choices that cost lives needlessly.

If this was a movie, foreign powers would have already nuked you to save themselves and to put ya'll out of your own misery.

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