Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Only Man You Need To Take ANY Medical Advice From

Everyone should post this TRUTH by THE GUY who is the WORLD EXPERT in this branch of medicine. Anyone else is sandbagging and gaslighting you and you are a fool for believing one word any uninformed buffoon like the idiot trump tells you that goes against DOCTOR Fauci's advice.

There is only one source of medical advice that you should listen to during a pandemic and this guy is that source. His conduct, professionalism and facts are beyond reproach. If you believe different than you are a stupid fool who should get COVID and die like many others who questioned his directives and are now dead for their ignorance. 

There is a reason US travelers are among the only travelers banned, BANNED from all other countries in the world because of the complete failure of the U.S. to even contain the virus and now America lead the world in new cases and deaths.

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