Tuesday, October 27, 2020

From 2012 - My Hate For Avatar Is Pure

14 yrs? Half a billion dollars? Really? Maybe the hype for this very pretty looking movie has tainted every review of it since we all know that only something entirely revolutionary could live up to our collective expectations. Personally I didn't see what was so extraordinary about it but something like this is pretty much review proof so here is my personal opinion from someone who has watched nearly everything worth watching in the history of western film. No argument that it is gorgeous to look at and fills the eyes with wonders we could have only dreamed about 20 years ago

But its not all that special and is let down by a story who's beats can be prediction right down the line. How many times have we seen a hero 'go native', learn to love the 'noble savage' and come to its rescue when faced with the evil that is the 'greed of man'. UGH! You spent all this time working on what you were sending my eyes that you totally cheated me by sending slop to my brain. Maybe if I was 10 this would be a seminal movie in my life, a game changer, but to this adult it was just another holiday blockbuster no different that the one before it or the one I will see after it. It may not be fair to go back to 'Star Wars' for comparison but that movie was a 'game changer' like this one wants to be. Star Wars gave me a new vision of a new universe of ideas, a new mythology to believe in and ponder. It may have in truth been just a space western but it didn't come across like that to me.


Director/Creator James Cameron had an audience primed for a message about the interconnectedness of all things, a green idea in the time of global climate conferences and he fell back on the tried and true hokum that we have been given so many times. No doubt it will make money and win all kinds of technical awards. I lament a lost opportunity that hopefully some story in the future, using this kind of advanced CGI, will give me. After more than a century of film making, we all deserve that. It's that same feeling I have realizing that the prettiest girl in the room is often the dumbest girl in the room. So much for having everything.



Monc said...

Remember back when James Cameron made movies that were exciting and fun, and NOT ham-fisted social commentaries on class or environmentalism?

I want the old Jim Cameron back. I want to see something along the lines of "T2" or "Aliens" or "The Abyss."

I want a thrill ride, not a sermon.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He just became such a fussbudget who thinks he is a genius but refuses to take help with this stories which are always crap. He's all talk. He owned battle angel alita but Robert Rodriquez took it over and actually got it made but not before getting over 2000 pages of notes from Cameron which he ignored for the benefit of all movie fans.