Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's A Lost Art

I wasn't that great at sending out the messages because tapping the right letter is harder than hearing what letters are being tapped back to you. I could usually get enough of the letters right to always be able to passably decode a message. Not so much anymore. 

I was a Scout and Air Cadet in those days when you could actually practice that skill with the right equipment. It was wild to send each other messages from upstairs to downstairs in the Armouries because that was all the wire we had to connect two telegraph machines too.

Short wave radio was also wicked too when you could talk to some guy on a small Polynesian island - in 1980! As close to the internet as we got even though the tech we were using was decades old.

Never was a fan of C.B. Radio however. That was the communication system of the Hillbilly trucker and that was a fad that we all saw as a fad, Good Buddy.

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