Saturday, November 14, 2020

Our Latest Balloon Juice Podcast


What? Another episode? Holy Crap! I'm as surprised as you are!. Smoking, drinking and other bad habits. Calvin tells about a recent trip to a local establishment selling refined and perfectly legal, combustible recreational, all natural relaxation products (snicker). Mike prefers a drink but Calvin is a sloppy drunk. Life, cats, the internet, the world, Non PC humour and TAN MOM? All this plus, for a change NO talking smack about Millie Bobbi Brown! (Ahhh... who are we kidding, of course we do. It's in our contract at this point). All sponsored by HAMBURGER HELPER! (Hah! We wish!) Sit back, relax, be cool and listen to your podcast pals as we talk about all things cool. Hey, man, why are your eyes so red?

You can hear the foolishness by going HERE.

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