Monday, November 23, 2020

The Toys Of DUNE's Past

Dune Models


Feyd comes with a cat-in-a-box and the Emperor's Blade accessories.

Paul Atreides

Paul comes with a weirding neck module, gun and knife accessories.


Rabban comes with a Harkonnen helmet, rifle and knife accessories.

Stilgar The Fremen

Stilgar comes with a Tarpel Gun, grappling anchor and Maker Hook accessories.

Baron Harkonnen

The Baron comes with a suspensor belt accessory.

Sardaukar Warrior

The Sardaukar comes with a gun, rifle and knife accessories.
The Dune sandworm goes for around 125 dollars in the box.
I have decided that having NO Dune figures in my collection is an abomination unto itself. I love the books and the movies so much that I need to do some searching for some deals online. The figures aren't my favorite but they come with movie accessories and some battle action features. Paul Atredies is one of my literary heroes so I need to have him within sight. And I do love the look and design of that Sand Scout vehicle. The Laser Guns are terrific too. Any ray guns that light up are like candy to me.

The original line included Gurney Hallack and Lady Jessica as can be seen in the LJN catalogue.


The toys were designed and prepared before the movie was finished so are based on original designs that might not have necessarily made it into the final cut of the Cult Classic. I can't believe I didn't snap up these toys at the time since I was such a HUGE fan of the 1984 movie. The movie got me onto the books which made the books tens times as cool. I even love the 10 hours that SYFY did of the first three novels in the series - Dune, Dune Mesiah, and Children Of Dune.

Figure Realm is a great site for pictures of these obscure toy lines from the 80s and 90s.

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