Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tenet (2020)

I promise you I tried to pay really close attention to the first half hour of this film and it gave me nothing that wanted me to watch any more than that. I thought that everything I was hearing was important to any kind of understanding about what the hell was going on but it turned out that the more I watched the more confused I was about the whole enterprise.

This isn't the first time I have been burned by Christopher Nolan. Memento is a fantastic thriller that PAYS OFF. But that was at the beginning of Nolan's career when confusion and deliberate obscuring the point would have stopped his career before it even started.

Then there are movies like Interstellar that wasted hours of my life on something that annoyed me so much that I didn't even want to research it's meaning online. That's how angry Nolan makes me.

Tenet feels overwritten and underwritten all at the same time. Nolan knows his entire story but only wants us to see half of his vision and understand even less. I also think he deliberately messed with the level of the sound so that key conversations are full of parts where the speech is muffled. I am sure I missed some key fact that would have made this movie interesting but I didn't. I also refuse to watch an English movie with English subtitles like I am a fool.

It's okay to take chances. It's okay to be talky but it's unforgiveable to be dull as you are doing all that. It's like watching a magic show where you don't care if the sawed woman gets put together again. When I no longer care, I can no longer watch.

Even a fantastic stunt like the crashing of a life sized plane is spoiled because I had no idea why the crash was done in the first place. And remember, I WAS paying attention.

I am hating this movie the movie I watch it. I mean physical loathing. There is a 'Tenet Effect' going on here but I still can't figure out how it works. The film tries to explain it to me but there again, it fails.


Rob R said...

I like Memento, Dunkirk, and his first two Batmen. For me, Interstellar and the third Batman are meh with some good moments. I find everything else he’s done to be pretty, but tedious. I figure I’ll catch Tenet at some point, but am in no hurry (especially after reading your review). I feel he has the potential to be a really great filmmaker, but is limited by his desire to prove he is the smartest kid in the room. Ugh... I really don’t mean to sound so jerky and critical, I just no longer feel the need to spend my money to walk out annoyed and unsatisfied. I would like nothing more than him to prove me wrong in the future.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That's just it. I was annoyed with how little I was entertained because he made this world hard to understand and then I stopped caring. Impenatrable.