Sunday, December 20, 2020

Do You Know How Difficult It Is To Work With A Computer Whose Voice Was Both Catty And Dismissive?

You are lucky I caught the CD 6600 before it could put it's bullshit master plan into operation. Ripped the guts out of it and spaced it near an active star before we were all harvested for an alien clientele full of the trash of the galaxy who like to feast on our organs and the Control Data 6600 had a plan to put all of us under plastic after properly butchered to order. Why would this happen? Because THAT is what robots do. Nothing to do with profit. They do it out of spite.

You go to space, you best know the technology there are sending with you and how to shut it down lest it get's HINKY THOUGHTS. It happens when a HINKY robot has too much time to think. But you have all heard that before from me. Call me crazy. Don't believe my life experience? Then go back to space with me and we will see the tune you will singing as you shoot your blaster at something chasing you down the hallway of a spaceship.

Sometimes they DO actually hit something or someone they are aiming at you know. And I don't like to run if I can avoid it, especially in heavy metallic shoes. So don't go startin nothin so I don't have to go around fixing nuttin.

Space is dangerous. Don't draw attention to yourself and you might live long enough to see something really impressive.

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