Saturday, December 26, 2020

So RARE To Be In The Minority In This Way - It's A Strange Feeling

This is the way I feel when you replace the world 'CHILDREN' with 'WW84 HATERS'. My expectations were higher than most and I loved it. I should be the most disappointed man on the planet right now but I am not.. Others with similar insane expectations hated it. What am I missing that I just didn't see. I am lucky to have it forever to enjoy in the middle of all that hate. I thought about my opinion and I am sticking by my review at the Cave of Cool. 

It's not that the haters are stupid. It's just they don't know anything. They can always come at it another way some day and find they were wrong all along. I hope for that. 

I also hate the knives that will be out for everything attached to female driven projects and movies and superhero woman character driven movies and all the more we could expected by an industry that hates to give up its power, hates to take chances and hates to see women in decision making jobs. This whole 'worst movie of 2020' will stick with this film like a burden it neither earned or deserves. 

There is worst crap out there that is not a tenth the experience WW84 was, the great scenes, the setting , characters, the stories, the stunt pieces, were all solid and exciting. I enjoyed the message that you never get something for nothing and sometimes it really really hurts to reject who what you want the most for the great good of you and all around you. It's very Greek in how a lesson is taught from their perspective.

The Hero's Journey here is emotionally impactful and empowering. It's a beautiful superhero fable.

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