Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Batman, The Long Halloween Part II

Once again DC Animation is on it's game with part two of the epic classic comic book miniseries created by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales, The Long Halloween.

In a Gothan city that seems trapped in the 1930s, a younger Batman works with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon to seek out the serial killer known as Holiday who is killing gangsters as each holiday appears on the calendar.

This time we start the film with Poison Ivy who has enchanted Bruce Wayne for money that she is turning over to The Roman, gangster Carmine Falcone. As the holidays come and go the streets run red with the blood of gangsters and still no one is closer to finding the identity of the Holiday killer, especially not Bruce or his alter ego. Once again, Catwoman comes to Bruce's rescue. This is my favorite role for Catwoman. Not a villain but an anti-hero.

Batman also faces a team of some of his deadliest members of the Rogues Gallery (Scarecrow, Joker, Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy. Penguin and Two Face). Many times they are his superior because this Batman is not the great fighter and detective he will become in later years.

Carmen Falcone's daughter enters the story but she is rejected by her father for not being strong enough to be of any use to him, just like his late son wasn't. There is also a family connection between Falconi and Bruce's father who once saved Carmine's life.

Another gangster, Maroni offers to testify against the Roman but we all know that this is just a ruse to get Dent into a courtroom where he is turned into the the villain Two-Face by a vile of acid smuggled into the court. Not that Harvey wasn't already losing it. The acid that destroyed half his face was only the catalyst to created a deadly killer with a two headed coin.

In the end this turns into an origin story.

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