Thursday, July 15, 2021

Loki (2021)

I am a huge fan of these weekly MCU shows that I have been enjoying since WandaVision. But for some reason I am mad at LOKI. Mad, not because it wasn't a terrific show but because I feel like it was only there to be used as some gateway to the next phase of MCU movies which seem all set in a multiverse that CANNOT be controlled by anyone, let alone the Time Variance Authority and the now dead Kang the Conqueror (if that was the identity of the nutcase at the end of time). 

I feel like I got attached to characters that I will see in Season Two of Loki but what purpose do they have now except to repair something that cannot be repaired according to this new web that Marvel has chosen to weave.

Now all this could go another way and with Loki being cast in the next Doctor Strange movie there may be resolution before Season Two even begins. The next Spider-Man reportedly also has a heavy multiverse focus. Think of the next year of MCU movies as a giant WHAT IF? sequence of stories.

That means anything can happen. And for that I am thankful for LOKI and all his glorious variants  especially Sylvie and Croki.

But you already know how great it is because you are addicted to these MCU shows just like I am.


Count Robot said...

I liked it. Very surprising to me. I had thought another Loki was going to be behind it all.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed Season 1 of "Loki." Yes, it sets up the whole MCU Phase 2 "multiverse" plotline but hey, someone had to do it and Loki did it in a very entertaining way. I'm looking forward to more multiverse madness in the upcoming "Dr Stange" and "Spider-Man" movies. And who knows what Season 2 of "Loki" will hold?

Also, I think Croki should get its OWN mini-series, LOL!