Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Tomorrow War

Half way through when this movie should have ended I realized that there was still another 49 MINUTES left to watch of this mess of a science fiction story that at once uses the worst of all science fiction tropes, especially those involving time travel. At THAT midpoint I was 'blessed' with another whole entire movie that had the predictably happy ending that would never ever happen if anything I just watched had a sense of logic. Before we go any further, check out the trailer.

If the idea of recruiting people from the past to fight a future war seem to make little sense, you haven't seen anything yet. Its apparent that the key to man/s future survival counts on one man (Chris Pratt) using the love he has for his daughter to save the world almost single handedly from the same hive minded monsters we have seen in so many man vs alien films in the past 20 years. I have been watching bugs get shot apart and still killing soldiers since Starship Troopers. No matter how many hundred of monsters attack, our hero emerges unhurt with all those who advance the story similarly unhurt for these alien killing machines.

While that is all happening the film find times for some weird future history and family bonding that is totally ridiculous and out of place, like everything else that happens exactly how it NEEDS to happen just to advance a story that we know Pratt will turn out victorious at the end,

Too long, too illogical,, too many questions and coincidences adds to another film I could have missed but got stuck watching with my roomie.

Now I hear there will be a sequel and makes me ill just thinking about it because the film by Amazon has been viewed more times than it deserves.