Monday, October 4, 2021

Loves Me A Global Online Conspiracy

I got up this morning after watching the story about the Facebook Whistleblower on 60 Minutes and what do you know. Facebook itself and Instagram are down. I wonder why that is the case. Both were taken down pretty harshly with studies that showed that one increased the proliferation of HATE on the platform and Instagram is proven to be harmful to mostly young girls who are faced with overwhelming examples of why they don't measure up. All the worst instincts of social media laid bare by Facebook's OWN INTERAL DOCUMENTATION that the Whistleblower released to the World.

The algorithm is set up to chase hit and clicks and comments. It's what the money Facebook makes relies on to squeeze the most out of advertisers that they can. Hate fuels passion and passion is profits. Why wouldn't such dangerous distortion eventually affect the CULTURE, especially when Facebook is used by almost 90 percent of all users of social media. It is proven how certain countries like Myanmar have used the platform to marginalize and murder ethnic minorities they wanted removed from their country.

My thoughts today is that Facebook doesn't want anyone who saw the 60 minutes piece to discuss it widely. To do that would alter the algorithm and just prove everything we just learned. There would be measurable changes to what we get on our feeds and that would be the smoking gun.

So no Facebook today so far. No Instagram. Now I have to wait until the nightly news to see if my theory is bearing any fruit online today.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Makes no difference to me. I sold my soul to Google long ago.