Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another Meme About Me From The Archives Of Cool

Choose to answer all, part or none at all on your site. Let me know you have done it so I can visit your blog and see for myself. 1.FULLNAME? Calvin 2.NICKNAME(S)? Cal, Kal, Ka'el, Mr. H, Monkey Boy 3.BIRTHPLACE? St. Bonifac Manitoba 4.WEBSITE You are there 5.FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING? Blue Cheese 6.FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Pistachio with chocolate chips 7.FUTURE CAREER GOALS? Permanent, full time teaching position. Graphic Novelist and Storyteller. 8.PROBABLE CAREER? Selling ladies shoes at Sears 9.FAVORITE FOOD? Seafood soup, mushroom pizza, steak, Chinese food, french fries, Pop Tarts, Berries. 10.FAVORITE DRINK? (Non-alcoholic) Pepsi or Hawaiian Punch 

11.FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT? Language Arts, Social and Drama 12.FAVORITE SCHOOL ACTIVITY? Field Trips (as a student) Staff Meetings (as an adult) 13.LEAST FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT? The Hated Math 14.LEAST FAVORITE SCHOOL ACTIVITY? Religion Class and Assemblies 15.WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR TOWN? It is small and beautiful like a park. 16.WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST ABOUT YOUR TOWN? Too many people are finding that out. 17.GREATEST ADVENTURE? Hopped a freight train from Shilo to Winnipeg. 18.MOST ROMANTIC MOMENT? Walking in the snow with Tara Crandall. 19.HOW MANY PILLOWS? Never Enough 20.PETS? Baroness Simona Bebe Von Katzenhammer.

21.THREE FAVORITE MOVIES? (THIS YEAR) Toy Story 3, How To Train Your Dragon, Kick Ass 22.THREE FAVORITE MOVIES? (ALL TIME) Rudy, Hoosiers, Donnie Darko, Stand and Deliver, Tombstone 23.FAVORITE TV SHOWS (THIS YEAR) Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, Stargate Universe, Modern Family 24.THREE FAVORITE TV SHOWS? (ALL TIME) WKRP in Cincinnati, MASH, Barney Miller, The Prisoner (McGoogan makin' trouble) Star Trek (all versions), I Dream of Jeannie, Simpsons, Old Twilight Zone. 25.LEAST FAVORITE TV SHOWS Shows so bad that you actually watch them more than you would EVER care to admit. You know all the characters and for some reason these shows hypnotize you when they are on. Kinda freaky if you think about it too much. - Full House (YIKES) 26.THREE FAVORITE SONGS? (ALL TIME) Drove All Night - Roy Orbison Constant Craving - k.d. Lang Time of the Season - Zombies Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf 27.THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS OR CDs? Currently - Garbage Version 2.0 Mathew Good Band - Underdogs Smiths - Louder Than Bombs John Mellancamp - Uh Huh Our Time in Eden- 10,000 Maniacs Eurythmics - Greatest Hits 28.THREE FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS? Right Now - Van Halen Really cool one by Tool (?) Stay - U2 29.FAVORITE SINGER? Freddy Mercury of Queen 30.FAVORITE MUSICAL GROUP? Garbage (currently) Queen (all time) 

31.MUSICAL SHAME? Actually can sing all the words to ALL the hits of the BEE GEES. 32.FAVORITE CELEBRITY? Kelsey Grammar 33.LEAST FAVORITE CELEBRITY? Glen Beck, Limbaugh, Perez Hilton 34.MALE STAR? Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Indiana Jones Sean Connery as James Bond 35.FEMALE STAR? Jennifer Connelly in The Rocketeer Jeneane Garofalo in Mystery Men and The Truth About Cat's And Dogs?" Selena Gomez in anything 36.WORD OR PHRASE YOU OVER USE? "That is how they GETCHA!" 37.SUPERPOWER YOU WOULD WANT? It begins and ends with TIME TRAVEL or having the powers of the RESURRECTION MAN (Every time he died he woke up with a new superpower) 38.BODY PIERCINGS OR TATTOOS? None but want to piece my ear with a diamond stud and get a Superman symbol tattoo. 39.IF YOU COULD WITNESS ONE EVENT IN HISTORY WHICH WOULD IT BE AND WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE? Birth of Jesus or Man's First Landing on the Moon - to see if they really happened. Plus that whole Planet of the Apes thing. 40.WHAT DO YOU THINK OTHERS ADMIRE ABOUT YOU? My caring nature, my ability to listen, my boundless energy and enthusiasm.

41.WHAT DO YOU ADMIRE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? Same thing 42.WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT YOURSELF IF YOU COULD? I would be an attractive guy. 43.IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE WOULD YOU GO? WHY? The mountains of Western Canada. But only if I could live in a barn house with satellite TV and surface to air missiles to deal with intruders or trespassers. 44.WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL? (INCLUDE EVERYTHING) Seafood Soup, Lobster, Chinese Food, Pepsi, Pineapple Dream Squares, and a Cyclone 45.WHAT IS YOUR PREFERRED METHOD OF EXECUTION? Shot to the head...Soviet style. 46.WHAT LIVING PERSON WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO HAVE LUNCH WITH? Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman, the Hulk, the X-men, and so many other great comic book characters. 47.WHAT DEAD PERSON WOULD YOU MOST HAVE LIKED TO HAVE LUNCH WITH? Jack Kirby (master comic artist) or Leonardo Da Vinci 48.THREE BOOKS TO TAKE TO A DESSERT ISLAND? Dune by Frank Herbert Watchmen by Dave Gibbons Godfather by Mario Puzo Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 49.THREE PEOPLE YOU KNOW TO TAKE TO A DESSERT ISLAND? Leonardo DaVinci, Shirley Manson, and Selena Gomez 50.THREE WISHES? (NO FAIR WISHING FOR MORE WISHES) World Peace To Be In Love No more hunger or want Superpowers - if I can scam one more wish. 

51.WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE? I have the power to anticipate when the phone is going to ring about a second before it does. Sometimes I know a person will call within a half hour and they do. 52.SPORT YOU MOST LIKE TO WATCH? The Olympic Games, Fencing, Horse Jumping 53.SPORT YOU MOST LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN? Fencing or Floor Hockey or Curling or Bowling 54.WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? Action Figures, Comic Books, Art Books, Music CDs, Computer Stuff, Photographs, picture books, 55.WHO DO YOU ADMIRE MOST IN YOUR LIFE? My Parents- they are kind and generous with their resources and time. 56.WHAT HISTORICAL PERIOD WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED TO LIVE IN? 1700s in France - Musketeer - Just to be able to carry a sword in public and have the chance to use it occasionally. WAAAAA HOOOOOOO! But they would need 20th Century plumbing. 57.FAVORITE MONOPOLY PIECE? It begins and ends with the magic hat. 58.FAVORITE BOARD GAMES? Trouble, Rebound, Battling Tops, Risk, Monopoly, 59.SPIRIT ANIMAL? Black Panther 60.FAVORITE ANIMAL? Domesticated House Cat ("Its a Puma") 

61.BEST AND WORST PARTS OF LIVING IN THE FUTURE? Robots that will do all the work for us and dispense Pepsi on demand. However, the worst part will be when these same robots go nuts and turn on humanity. 62.DO YOU PREFER CATS OR DOGS? Definitely Cats, dogs are too needy. Cats RULE. They are familiars who protect my soul. If a cat loves you then you are pretty cool. They are very particular about us humans. 63.WHAT WOULD BE YOUR SPICE GIRL NAME IF YOU WERE IN THE GROUP? Pepsi Spice - think of all that endorsement money???? 64.DO YOU PREFER COKE OR PEPSI? Pepsi, Coke is an evile corporation that is working for the alien invasion agenda. Go HERE to read about the great Coke Conspiracy. Coke may try to kill us but Pepsi is pure and good and will SAVE US ALL!

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