Thursday, May 12, 2022

Part 2 Of My Drunken Failure

Who knew there was enough material for a second episode. We will just call these the Dark Times. After a year I return to the Posh Posh and I am drunk like a skunk if the skunk drank. So you have been warned. Great topics but nothing from me remotely resembling entertainment.

You can hear the madness HERE.

WE'RE BACK AGAIN with more insightful talk about the world! STRANGE NEW WORLDS, the best new Star Trek series in years! NATALIE PORTMAN'S GOT GUNS! We talk about THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, Taika Waititi's upcoming Marvel flick. And, of course, we have to weigh in on the TRUCKER CONVOY, the JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD trial and all of its shenanigans! PLUS: WHAT IS PUTIN'S PROBEM, ANYWAY? We analyze the conflict in UKRAINE! Plus TIK-TOK GIRLS and we catch up with the milestones that have made CALVIN'S CANADIAN CAVE OF COOL cooler than it has ever been!

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