Friday, November 28, 2008


I am totally in love with the high energy series FLASHPOINT which chronicles the lives and missions of a big city S.W.A.T unit. It stars some of favorite actors - Hugh Dillion (who narrates the awesome Ink: Alter Egos Exposed about the comic industry), Amy Jo Johnson (the first, best, and ONLY pink ranger) and Enrico Colantoni (Eliot from the much love and missed JUST SHOOT ME).What distiquishes this show from others are not only the nail biting suspense but also the relationships between all the members of the unit. They are real, faliable human beings who make mistakes under the most stressful of conditions. And their mistakes don't go away or are forgotten. They keep reappearing in future missions and affect the decisions they make in each case - just like it would happen in real life. We can't escape our past mistakes and they have a weight to them that hold us down, keeping us from becoming who we want to be. Their struggle is the same struggle we all face just being human. And these aren't trigger happy macho cops. They spend more time trying to save lives and diffuse situations. Calling a "SCORPIO" (which means taking the shot that takes a life) is the last thing they want to do because the ripple effects can't be avoided. I love how they intigrate the study of human behavior into their job and I am often left contemplating how I would react if put under similar stress. We are all just one moment away from losing everything and making that ONE bad decision that destroys everything we spent a lifetime building. Anyone who thinks they are immune are just fooling themselves. This show deserves a long long run. I am still shaken by tonights episode where Jules (Amy Jo) is shot by a sniper targetting her fellow full view of her new bf who is also on her team. The drama is intensified by the fact that their romance is against police policy and could cost them not only their jobs but the "family" this team of cops has become. You are torn between wanting them to be together and cursing them for risking so much for love. I am a sucker for that shit.

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