Monday, November 10, 2008

Obamma May Be President But A Black Man Will Never Win Survivor

Now I say this with much love towards my African brothers - no black man will ever win on Survivor. I have been watching Survivor daily from the beginning on sattelite and the whole show take a little more than two weeks to go through. I think watching it everyday just intensifies the whole experience, the infighting and conflict that make the show so appealling. It gives one an overall view of the entire series from one to ten which is the current series from Gabon. I mean lets be honest...there is nothing better than when they start to turn on each other just waiting for the 'screwgie' to be either delivered or recieved. Its better when they can't find food cause a hungry tribe is a desperate tribe and if there wasn't some prohibition against cannibalism the starving would go for the thickest peice of fine butt meat there was and be done with it. For some reason the overfed and over relaxed survivors of the MARQUESES are taking longer to start their downward spiral towards showing us how the least appealing traits of humanity will lead one cutthroat pirate to ultimate victory but it is coming and as usual it will be SWEEEET. And before you judge me for enjoying this aspect of the program blame the producers for stocking the contestants with beautiful, vain, self-important fame seeking wannabees. Its everything me and the Germans love to hate. Now I hate to bring this up but there is something unique about the play of black males on the show. They fall into two catagories -they are either lazy and do very pooly in the challenges despite their percieved strength or they are completely out of their element from day one and the stresses of NOT being on a vacation break their spirits long before anyone else is ready to give up. They often refer to doing any work as 'kissing butt' but I think they just don't like having 'THE MAN' telling them what to do. One actually DID give up and that was a first for males or females. Women have the disadvantage despite their sensuality to get to the final four also becuase any use of said sexuality is viewed by the other women negatively and by the stong alpha males as a distraction - especially when their attentions do not come the alpha males way. And for that reason we will never see SURVIVOR INUIT. No fur covered bikinis. Maybe next time they should make their own palm bikinis or skorts with boots (see previous post) And when is the cool undersea fish fight seen in the cool picture from above...season 11..."THIS TIME ITS TOO THE DEATH!!!"

OMG...I LOVE Survivor. Maybe its because I have been watching it daily from the start on sattelite but for some reason I love it more than ever. I can't get enough of the contestants when they all plot and scheme and turn on each other for a piece of moldy bean bread or three more days in their filty rags. In the latest instalment from Gabon Bob the physics teacher has built not ONE but TWO fake immunity necklaces to play with everyone's head. How much chutspa do you have to have to try the same trick twice???? And it worked TWICE? That is just pure evile. I could never be on Survivor..first of all the Pepsi depravation would drive me batty and I would be found carving a sharp edge into a clam shell for that moment when the sun went down. Then like a running man I would slit a thousand throats in one night. The next morning would find me full and the last Survivor. Do I say this cause I am a just know myself and how much I love my creature comforts and home little I tolerate change or assholes...especially half starved and grubby assholes. And I would be the only one NOT to lose weight on the island. And that would fill anyone with murderous rage.

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