Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sheep Shearing, Crab Traps and Bubble Tops

I have come to the realization that I am a weird little person. I mean what can you say about a person who is no ashamed to admit that he LOVES watching sheep shearing...if they had a sheep shearing channel I would watch it 24/7. In fact I go to the Westerner Fair every July just to watch them shear the sheep. Blame the book 'The Sundowners' about a family of sheep shearers in Australia during the 1930s who travel from farm to farm to cut the wool. I watched it in grade 9. It was a magicical movie and totally devoid of reality I assume. But nothing is cooler to me than when they take off the wool in one peice. Well as cool as a full trap of crab on 'Most Dangerous Catch'...or maybe bubble helmets...or bubble tops on cars...or 'bubble' this car which looks like a life size Hot Wheel vehicle. And no self respecting spaceship or evile genius' city killer can be without a bubble top hatch. I only wanted to be an astronaut so I could wear the bubble helmet (not a fan of tight enclosed spaces and food that comes in a toothpaste tube). That steampunk version of Flash Gordon has those extra touches that make it awesome. I was even tempted a few months ago to buy these little girl superhero snowglobles just because they came in these awesome glass bubbles. And I have for a long time resisted the temptation to collect snowglobles cause I love clear glass globes. In fact I don't even look them up on Ebay (metal lunchboxes either) because once I see a really cool one I will collect them like action figures. I already make myself crazy with the action figures I DON'T have and I don't need the stress. But to find a girl that ALREADY collect the snow globes...mmmmmm. You think they have a dating site for that?

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