Monday, November 10, 2008

Top Ten Movies #9 - Resident Evil

There is nothing I loves better than my zombie movies espcially when you get together a crack squad of highly trained bad asses to enter a zombie infected zone (cooly named THE HIVE) to do what they do best - shot for the head. Add to that the most evile of corporations (the best named UMBRELLA CORPORATION) working against our heroes at every turn and you got yourselves some great guilty pleasures. Of course it doesn't hurt to put my beloved Milla Jovovich in high boots and a sexy cocktail dress (with scort - why oh why don't I see that look more often????) and give her a kick ass attitude and mad skills to match. Is there anything better than seeing her take out a cadre of zombie dogs with a high kick and that "What the fuck did I just do?" look on her face? The Hive itself is a labryth death trap (beneath another cooly named RACOON CITY)controlled by a computer program (the RED QUEEN) that manifest itself as a hologram of a ten year old girl. When she expresses in the calmest manner possible that "you are all going to die" you can't help but feel a cold chill go down your spine. Evile technology controlled by evile corporations? Love it love it love it! The two sequels that followed were not as repeatably watchable as the first one but they have their charms. In Apocalype you have the character of Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) who by either special effect or luck looks like a character taken directly from the video game complete with her own sexy impractical scort with boots outfit (its like they just KNOW me). The creature of Nemesis is a bit over the top as a male super soldier and you could see the plot points coming from up the street and around the corner. The third movie suffers from a lack of all out zombie mayhem but there are several great set pieces and neatly wraps up the saga of Alice who herself is the final culmination of the most evile T-Virus experiments of Umbrella. Call me a fool but I likes these movies and thankful that she didn't lose any of her beauty to become the super soldier she actually did. Must be a guy/girl kind of thing. Recently they came out with a CGI movie called Resident Evil Degeneration that had characters from the video game which I never played. Its zombirific, especially when Clair uses a red and white UMBRELLA as a weapon - an obvious homage to the Umbrella Corporation.

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