Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big Jim Is One Tough Monkey

When I was a kid I sooooo wanted these action figures and I cannot find them on Ebay for a resonable price in Euros (since all Big Jim figures seem to come from Europe these days). I had DR STEEL but he went missing with all my great G.I.Joes and Mego Superheroes when we came back from Europe (forever to be referred to as the GREAT DISASTER) The WHIP had a ton of extra weapons and I always wanted one of the wrist communicators/home computers to wear over my turtle neck sweater with wolf emblem like BIG JIM had. And explain this to me..when did BIG JIM become such a bad ass where three of the toughest action figures would follow him? (later to include TORPEDO FIST) I mean he went camping with his shirtless male friends and then one day he desides to be a super spy. I don't think WARPATH, DR STEEL and the WHIP would follow him once they saw BIG JOSH in his shorts and jean vest come over to Jim's house for fondue. He would have had to totally leave all his BIG JIM friends behind when he entered that tough guy world. Lets just say it wasn't the most masculine toy line around.

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