Sunday, November 2, 2008

Was I Ever So Young? Part 1

I was scanning some pictures to send to some old cadet camp friends on Facebook and decided to add them to my blog to remind myself that I was once young and beautiful...well I am STILL beautiful but you get it. This was our air guitar band Paul and the Chesterfields. I was a Chesterfield. We did Prince's 'Little Red Corvette' with Paul Ramesar as Prince. I remember us winning and drinking flaming Drabuie's that you had to remember to blow out the flame first or you ended up with third degree burns. I love that black and white photo of myself. It looks like it was taken during WWII and maybe it was...but I have said too much already. I even remember the tape I was listening to in that picture - The Human League - Dare. Wore that tape out in the summer of 82. SIGH...good times. Even wore that thick eye liner and pink shirts with little crocodiles on them, tweed jackets and hunting caps. If we could have found them we would have walked around with sword canes too. wonder we didn't date much. Too impressed with our own awesomeness.

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Michael May said...

Oh my God that is AWESOME!

Pink Izods. Man, that takes me back. I skipped Izods, but I had about half a ton of Polo shirts.