Friday, October 31, 2008

Crusoe 2 - Electric Boogaloo

The problem I always had with the title of the show Prison Break was that I wondered what they would do or call the show once they had actually broken out of prison... well break out of more prisons - metaphorical and literal it would seem. For that reason I didn't watch the show and seeing how crazy it has become I am glad I didn't invest the time. LOST suffered from this same hubris. I don't mind mystery but I need the clues to actually make sense and be released to me in a timely fashion. And from tonight's episode of Crusoe I fear that my concerns for that show have come true. Tonight mutineers landed on the island..many, many mutineers. So many in fact that they created their own little tropical resort complete with beach side bar and stick prison. Tables and bar chairs also..sigh. If Crusoe doesn't get off the island THIS time then I am officially going to say that this show has jumped the shark. But he's got a good plan. Defeat the mutineers, hop on a ship and before you can say 'bob's your uncle' he is back in dirty, corrupt, plague ridden England. But first dress up in scrubbery and create skeletal scarcrows and add some cheap gunpowder theatrics and the hard boiled pirates will wet their pantaloons and leave Crusoe alone or take him home. Hilarious. Its a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy every week. Why bother going home when you can just open a resort and charge admission to Scooby Do's Spook Island. It already has more boats on it than a cruise ship port anyways. Two weeks ago half the pirates landing on his island conveniently die and half left in their boat without him (of course) by keeping Crusoe at bay by gunpoint - one of those crappy one shot hardly break your skin pirate pistols. He's got enough wood to build a boat but Mr Robinson McGyver doesn't have the time or knowledge to do that. He should just scoop out an old log and include a coconut radio to keep himself amused on the long journey home. I know this show's massive plot holes are meant to be ignored so keep me amused and you have my time. After all I do love a good cheezy swashbuckling adventure and who am I to get all uppidy after watching years of the A-Team. But I do like the relationship between Friday and Crusoe. Its very progressive with Friday being a realist who understands the value(or lack of value) a person of colour has in 17th century English society. For Friday the island is paradise, why would he want to leave? Crusoe is very naieve about such things and that is probably why he got himself standed away from his family in the first place. Never trust your scheming brother in law. There are many moments when I am watching this show that I think of my Father. As stupid as it can be sometimes it was just the kind of show we liked to watch together.

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