Friday, October 31, 2008

Rage of the Red Lantern Ruffles

Possibly the greatest comic creation of the year if not the decade - RUFFLES the Red Lantern - a kitty of pure rage and hatred. Created by Geoff Johns in one of my favorite comic book titles - GREEEN LANTERN - he is just so cute. Love that he wears his power ring on his tail. That is just GOOD writing! No stupider than a Green Lantern that is a planet or a floating eyeball but infinately cooler. Mummies have known for a long time that "FLUFFY DON'T PLAY". I am waiting for the Ruffles the Red Lantern VS Streaky the Super Cat one shot. (titled "IN HEAT") Its one of those geek/fanboy moments that makes me feel sorry for those of you who don't read comics because you are missing out on sooooo much.

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