Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crusoe -Robinson not David

I don't know what is is about this years television season but I am overwelmed with great shows and tonight I saw another gem - Crusoe. Based on the famous tale by Daniel Dafoe he is the shipwrecked englishman who with his 'man' Friday tried to survive in an island paradise. (His bitching about being trapped in this beautiful tropical 'prison' will get old real fast)And for a so-called deserted island there seems to be alot of people showing up in the first episode. We have pirates, cannibals and the Spanish navy and of course a cute she-pirate who falls for his well shaven model looks.(One critique I have...if you and your man Friday are the only ones on the island...wouldn't you let your beard go just a bit?? I mean who is he shaving for? Is this Brokeback Island?) I suspect that will be the main problem for the writers to figure out how to have him interact with others while still keeping him on the island for years to come. I love the way he has created all these gadgets for protection and comfort. The tree house itself is a work of genius but his home made traps seem to come right out of the A-team. There was even an A-team level explosion in the premier episode. If he invents a jeep I have no doubt that it will flip over on its first run. But honestly the sets are genius. COME ON...a five orange juicer!!!! That is right out of Gilligans Island...but the first time he creates a radio out of coconuts then I will know that they have jumped the shark. The relationship between him and Friday is a particular high point. Friday, despite being called a savage by everyone but Crusoe is smart, resourceful, intelligent and sarcastic. He is Crusoe's equal if not his better. He gets upset when Crusuo (whom Friday has pledged his life to) offers to free him from that obligation because as he says he is "not a slave" to be removed from the bondage of his master. Its an insult to him to even hear those words. There is also a nice bit of race education when Friday reminds Crusoe that he was foolish to assume that just because white men (the pirates) came on shore that they automatically were his friends because of their skin color. Evil comes in all shades.

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